My First Yoga4Tango Class

Last weekend I attended my first Yoga4Tango class. Yoga for Tango - What's that? I thought. Balancing acts and Boleos? I had no idea what to expect, but what I came away with from the class I can only describe as an inspiring, and sweaty yet refreshing experience.

Feeling the pose

I have to say that I found this week's Yoga4Tango class to be somewhat more challenging than the first week. The experience of the class is so focused and intense, not to mention strenuous and fast-paced, that it is essential to bring your mind and your body to the class at their optimum levels of alertness.

Strong Foundations and the Soft Embrace

When I heard that the class would be focussing on Yoga techniques for the “snuggly” Tango embrace my ears pricked. This “snuggly” embrace is something I’ve heard a lot about recently, but apparently it isn’t something you get an awful lot of on the dance floor, at least not in London Milongas.

The Transition to Organic Energy

he ‘Downward Dog’ pose in yoga is referred to as one of our ‘resting poses’, but to me it feels like jolly hard work! Our instructor describes his feelings whenever he is asked to go into ‘Downward Dog’ as relieved, happy and ready to ‘let go’.

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