With Veronica Toumanova, Silvia Bivolaru and Winston Veerender

Tango Amistoso + Verotango

“Gancho” means “a hook” in Spanish and in tango vocabulary gancho is an important element used by both leaders and followers. If with a sacada you enter your partner’s space, with a gancho you also wrap your free leg around your partner’s leg. This makes ganchos spectacular and sexy but also potentially dangerous. Many dancers love the idea of doing ganchos but do not dare use them in social context out of fear of looking ridiculous or hurting their partner.

In this workshop you will learn the main principles of safe, dynamic and aesthetically pleasing ganchos for both roles. We will also look at a number of situations in which a gancho can be led to a follower or done by the leader. After this workshop you will no longer be afraid of ganchos!

The workshop will consist of the following parts:

1. General introduction to ganchos: geometry, leg work, main principles.

2. Warming up exercises to prepare your posture, dissociate the upper body and mobilize the free leg.

3. Solo exercises for different kinds of gancho leg movement, for leaders and followers.

4 . Couple exercises for various types of ganchos, focusing on leading and receiving a gancho (aka follower’s ganchos).

5.Leader exercises for ganchos into the follower’s space (aka leader’s gancho).

Important Notes:

  • You will get a copy of the presentation to keep for yourself and also a full recording of the workshops.
  • Please note that the times mentioned below are London times which is GMT on the timezone. Please convert to your timezone to get your local times. If you have any queries, please email tango.amistoso@gmail.com. If you miss a workshop for any reason, you will still receive the full recording to view at your own time too.
  • If you are booking for the workshop internationally from outside the UK, please choose credit/debit card as the option rather than bank transfer. If you face any issues, please send an email to tango.amistoso@gmail.com.

Date, cost and location

Date: Saturday, 16 January 2021
Time: 7pm to 8.30pm (GMT) plus 30 minutes Q&A
Cost: £15
Location: Zoom (link and instructions will be sent on registration)


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