The subtle art of elegant walking

Special Intensive Technique Workshop with Veronica Toumanova (Paris)

Int/Adv level, leaders + followers, no partner required

Teachers tell us that tango is all about walking. In truth, walking effortlessly and elegantly is one of the hardest things to learn. This skill often takes several years to develop. An important thing to know is that comfortable and musical walk starts with yourself, your own technique, your balance and leg projection, and this is what we will concentrate upon in this workshop. If you are an intermediate level dancer of either role, this workshop will allow you to take your skill further. If you are an advanced dancer, you will be able to refresh the basics, to answer some long-standing questions and to enhance your walk both technically and in its expression.

In the first part of the workshop we will review the basics of walking comfortably and smoothly. In the second part we will improve our footwork and connect the steps to a particular energy in the music.

The workshop will include:

  • Warming up exercises for the legs and the core, followed by some relaxation techniques to free the upper body from excess tension
  • Posture and alignment exercises to balance on one leg while projecting the other
  • Leg projection exercises for long, smooth, flowy steps, for leaders and followers
  • Elegant footwork and simple embellishments for walking
  • Smooth slow walk to Di Sarli versus a quicker, more staccato walk to a d’Arienzo.

This workshop is a small group workshop aimed at dancers who want to go in-depth into technique. It will be intensive and full of information.

Date, cost and location

Teacher: Veronica Toumanova
Date: Sunday, 16th June 2019
Time: 5pm to 7pm
Cost: £25
Location: Academy Mews Studios (Balcony studio)
15 Pratt Mews
London, NW1 0AD
United Kingdom

Booking for the workshop

You can book with a partner and work with them during the workshop. You can also book individually. Either way, you must book for the workshop before coming as we balance the numbers. Please use the form below to start your booking. It is quick and simple to do so. If you encounter any issues during the online booking process, please email tango.amistoso@gmail.com.


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