On the day

Sundays at Tango Amistoso are about learning and connecting with each other. The main event is the Practica between 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm. You can simply turn up on the day – there is no pre-booking required for the Practica. Typical schedule includes Advanced Level Classes, Private lessons and the Practica.

6pm to 7:30pm Advanced Level Classes: You can find the details here:  Advanced Level Classes

8pm to 10pm: Private lessons slots: You can find details here: Private Lessons

Please note we also teach Beginners and Improvers classes at City Academy, they tend to be mid week. You can find the details in the Beginners Classes link above and also here for the Improvers classes: Improvers Classes

Cost and Payment

The cost for the Practica is £7 per person. You can pay at the Practica or if you prefer to pay through bank transfer, please talk to us when you are there. It’s an informal Practica. You can usually find Winston or Silvia helping on the dance floor or by the DJ desk and pay there.


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