Understanding Rhythmic Patterns

All levels, basic technique
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Veronica Toumanova

Workshop details

Argentine tango is a Latin-American dance mixed with European influences, which means, it is a rhythmic dance. Understanding its musical structure, specifically the rhythmic structure, allows us to improvise in a way that is coherent with the music and expresses its drive and speed. In this class we will work on a better understanding of rhythm in tango: what are the strong, the soft and the “off” beats, what are the different rhythmic patterns that are commonly present in tango music and how we can dance the most common figures based on those patterns.

The workshop will include:

  • Warming up exercises for the legs and the core, followed by some relaxation techniques to free the upper body from excess tension
  • Listening and walking exercises to identify various components of the rhythmic structure
  • Understanding beat counts, slow and fast tempo
  • Dancing on rhythmic patterns such as “tiempo” vs “contratiempo”
  • Identifying and dancing to syncopated rhythmic patterns

Date, cost and location

Teacher: Veronica Toumanova
Date: Saturday, 12th October 2019
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Cost: £25
Location: Tango Amistoso
24-27 White Lion St.
N1 9PD

Booking for the workshop

You can book with a partner and work with them during the workshop. You can also book individually. Either way, you must book for the workshop before coming as we balance the numbers. Please use the form below to start your booking. It is quick and simple to do so. If you encounter any issues during the online booking process, please email tango.amistoso@gmail.com.

Please note that if you are already signed up for the term based Advanced Level Classes for the term that includes this date, this workshop is already included in the cost and you do not have to book again.


4 places remaining


4 places remaining

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