Join our Tango Amistoso group on this amazing trip to tanGo to Istanbul Festival in March 2024 for their 16th edition!

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The 16th tanGOTOistanbul is set to be the most unforgettable tango festival, and it’s all happening in the luxurious Pullman International convention center, featuring two of the most exquisite hotels around. “Pullman and Mercure Hotel”. Prepare to experience the best accommodation, dazzling classes, mesmerising milongas, soulful concerts, thrilling competitions, and much more in this unique location. This majestic event will surpass all your expectations, making it the most compact and comfortable tango festival ever. So come be a part of this exceptional event and prepare to be taken on a journey of sophistication, elegance, and utmost delight. The 16th tanGOTOistanbul is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

Check the exquisite schedule here: 

The 16th edition of this festival has 4 day Milongas, 8 Night Milongas with Maestro Shows,Live Music and the most populard DJs, 4 Concerts with 3 top Orchestras in the world and Maestro and Special Guests Shows, a Marathon and Tango Competition happening in parallel and so many classes and seminars taught by 13 of the best couples right now!
The classes are suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced, you can choose from solo technique for Leaders or Followers, couple classes, seminars (Seminars are a series of classes developing the same theme, and they are intermediate to advanced) or for the first time in this edition, you can book private classes with the Maestros too. You do not need to book with a partner, as the numbers are balanced.
Check the Class Schedule here. 

Maestros! You can read more about them here! 

>Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda

>Javier Rodriguez & Fatima Vitale

>Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez

>Facundo Pinero & Vanesa Villalba

>Carlitos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio

>Juan Malizia & Manuela Rossi

>Giampiero Cantone & Magdalena Valdez

>Facundo De La Cruz & Noelia Hurtado

>Diego Ortega & Aldana Siveyra

>Dmitry Vasin & Sagdiana Hamzina

>Octavio Fernandez & Corina Herrera

>Neri Piliu & Yanina Quinones

>Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino 

Orchestras! You can read more about them here! 

>Romantica Milonguera

>Tango Bardo

>Solo Tango 

More than 15 DJs! Check out here who is going to musicalise the dance floors!

This year, for the first time in the history of tanGotoIstanbul, there will be a VIP Marathon in the festival. It is specifically designed for Marathon dancers who want to experience a high-class tango marathon while also enjoying an international Tango festival with amazing maestros and Orchestras. The VIP Marathon will take place in a different hall (Babylon Hall) within the same convention center, just above the festival milonga place (Grand Ballroom). Moreover, food is of utmost importance during tango marathons. There will be food offered - a wide selection of dishes from the Anatolian kitchen, including both regular and vegan options. Additionally, there will be unlimited access to water, coffee, tea, snacks, and fruits throughout the event. Please note that the VIP Marathon is limited to 150 Leaders and 150 Followers, and pre-registration is mandatory.

All the Festival events & classes, as well as the accommodation are happening at the same luxurious Pullman International convention center. Check the accommodation options here. 

Visit the festival's website to see the schedule and other info:  

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