The beauty and intricacies of Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango looks elegant but what is even more interesting about it is how it feels inside for you and your partner. To achieve this feeling we need to focus on making sure that we are fully grounded during the dance and achieve stability and swift movements not through forceful actions but through optimum alignment of the body and building awareness about our own body and how we perceive the connection with our partner. We teach these concepts in all our classes and workshops. In a private lesson though we can really get in depth as everyone is unique in their own way and everyone is at a unique point in their Tango journey.

Who are the private lessons for

We typically see two types of students who benefit from private lessons. Some students like to start their Tango journey with some in depth study of technique and getting things right straight away. These studens typically have lessons with us privately and then try out what they have learnt in group classes. Learning this way gives them a jump start, builds a solid foundation and sets them up well for the rest of their Tango journey.

The other types of students are the ones who have already started their Tango and are looking to make progress to the next level either by fine tuning their technique or by simply learning more complex movements. Private lessons help us fine tune the instructions to the level of the student and help them go to the next level up.

You can either take the lessons on your own or with a partner. You can request the lesson to be done with either Winston or Silvia or both.

How are the lessons structured

The structure of the lessons depend on the level of the students. Typically, we will dance a couple of songs to find out where you are, discuss your goals and then tailor the instructions accordingly. There will be instructions followed by another song of dancing, then corrections and further instructions and the process repeats itself. We use some revolutionary teaching techniques and also use technology to good effect. We will also give you a clear structured method to improve your Tango continously. You will have to come and try out to truly experience it.


The cost of the classes are £70 per lesson of 1 hour each or £300 for 5 lessons when booked together. This is the cost when the lesson is either in our place or at yours where there is no studio cost. If the lesson is in a studio, typically there will be an additional cost of £10 to £25 depending on the studio.

Visiting Teachers

It will also be possible to take private lessons with the visiting teachers. Please contact them directly or contact us through the form below and we will put you in touch. You will have to discuss the cost with the visiting teachers directly and pay them directly.


We teach lessons at Claremont Project where Tango Amistoso is on Saturdays and on other days either at our places. It will be possible to teach at your place or in a different studio depending on the time. Please discuss with us. Address of Claremont Project Studios:
24-27 White Lion St.
N1 9PD

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