We now have Tango Shoes made by Mono. Delicate is the key word for our tango shoes. Having the best quality materials and style, they are designed for comfort and beauty. We recommend them for long dancing nights.

Mono Shoes is based in Timisoara, Romania, where designer Dumitru Mihaica works closely with the best team of craftsmen to create hand made shoes. The company started in 2007 and they set as a goal to create unique and out of ordinary pairs of shoes. Mono Shoes are for both followers and leaders who look for the perfect armony between support and elegance.

We offer a range of different designs, materials (natural and vegan leathers, suedes) and heel sizes or you can create your one of a kind pair by order!

The shoes are on display on Saturdays during the Practica. Prices are £130 for follower’s shoes and £140 for leader’s shoes.

Please contact Silvia (07391116791, andreeasilvi@yahoo.com) for more information on how to order or make your own pair!

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