Tango Unlimited is an innovative space where we explore Tango Musicality and Connection from a fresh and unconstrained perspective.

It is a fun space where we share lot of experimental movements. There are no limits on the type of movements. Tango Unlimited is massively influenced by the Tango practiced by Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda, Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Tomas Corbalan, Gianpiero Galdi & Lorena Tarantino and others but it is not restricted by any style or a pre-defined set of movements.

Everyone is welcome to join the Tango Unlimited classes but we have certain criteria to be fulfilled. We expect students to already have experience of Tango and are looking for students who are keen to study and explore Tango further both from a Musicality perspective and Connection perspective. We expect students to already have good skill levels when it comes to Musicality and Connection.

Criteria for joining Tango Unlimited:

  • Have a good understanding of the basics of Tango Musicality. You must have learnt everything mentioned in this course – either go through the online course yourself or learn the concepts in classes over a period of time: https://www.tango-amistoso.co.uk/tango-musicality-course/
  • Understanding of the Orchestras of Tango and the differences between them. You will be asked to describe the top 4 Orchestras of Tango by the teachers before accepting you in into the class.
  • You have learnt all the basic Tango concepts mentioned in the list of courses here – teachers will especially verify if you have achieved good proficiency with Volcadas and Colgadas before accepting you into the classes: https://www.tango-amistoso.co.uk/improvers-course-themes/
  • Either already have a good level of fitness or willing to work on it.
  • Be mindful with your embrace. As leaders, you would have already learnt about the importance of leading followers mindfully and as followers, you would have already learnt about the importance of having an embrace that finds the balance between soft and firm.
  • Be willing to learn the history of Tango and be open minded about where Tango can go next.
  • Be willing to embrace all styles of Tango (Example: Milonguero, Salon, Nuevo, Stage, etc)
  • Be willing to learn all movements including lifts, Dips, poses, etc. The classes are not just about these but there will be elements of it, the whole idea is to explore all movements without any limits.

To join the classes, please talk to the teachers in classes or email us at info@tango-amistoso.co.uk
See you in the classes!