Milonga is the type of Tango Music that’s playful and rhythmical – not to be confused with Milonga, the social place where people get together to dance. The rhythm of a Milonga is quite distinct compared to regular Tango. This makes it important to distinguish how to dance to Milonga from regular Tango.

Tango Vals

Tango Vals has a flowing 1—2—3, 1—2—3… rhythm to it. Dancing to Tango Vals involves creating a beautiful flow to the dance, a specific cadence, suspensions and more. Dancing to Tango Vals is a joyful experience.

Milonga and Vals Course

In the course, you will learn:

  • the foundations of Milonga and Vals
  • learn a system to continuously improve your Milonga and Vals experience
  • sequences that suit Milonga
  • sequences that suit Vals

At the end of the course, you will be able to confidently dance Milonga and Vals tandas even in crowded Milongas, have a beautiful experience of it and make your partners feel great about it too. Your teachers Winston and Silvia dance more Milonga and Vals tandas in London than anyone else, come and join us in the fun!

Who can attend

This course will be suitable for anyone from Improvers level upwards. If you are an absolute beginner, please checkout our Beginner’s courses and when you are ready, you are very welcome to join us for the Milonga and Vals course.

When, where and Cost

We run Milonga and Vals courses a couple of times a year usually. The courses run over a few weeks. This is essential to build up the foundations and a system to continously improve. We have had several students who have gone from zero experience to feeling fully confident and we believe this is because of the continuous learning over the course of few weeks.

The next Milonga and Vals Course starts on the 17th Jan 2020. The course runs for 7 weeks. You can find the details and online booking in the link below. Please remember to choose the course starting on the 17th January.

The cost of the course payable to City Academy is £110.

If you have any questions about future courses, please talk to us in the classes or in the Practica.

Booking details and Enquiries form

To book for the course, please go to the City Academy website link and book it directly there. Again, please remember to choose the course starting on 28th June.

Please feel free to use the form below to contact us if you have any queries about the course.

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