Tango Amistoso Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a great way to save money for people who want to do a lot of Tango.

Events subscriptions allow you entry to the Practicas and Milongas.

The events include Friday Milonga at Milonga Los Amigos, Tango Amistoso Saturday Practica in Angel and Tango Amistoso Sunday Practica in Angel.

Classes Subscriptions allow you entry to all the classes plus all the Practicas and Milongas. All regular Tango classes on all days of the week including the ones with visiting teachers and Yoga classes are fully included with the subscription. For Special workshops you only have to pay a very small fee of £5 to secure your place. You have to book online to secure your place before they get sold out. Please note that this is a massive 80% discount on the original price. Also, please choose the appropriate level for you to attend. For example, it will not be possible for you to attend the Advanced level classes if you are a beginner or a recent Improver. Please discuss with the teachers if you have any questions.

Payment will be taken on the day you purchase the subscription but the first date for your subscription will be the first date you attend the class or event. From there, your subscription will renew automatically on a monthly, quarterly (3 months) or full year basis depending on on the subscription that you choose. You can cancel the subscription by going into the My Account section of the website.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the online booking process, please email tango.amistoso@gmail.com. Please note that subscriptions are do not cover Noche de Tango, our Tango Ball, London Los Amigos Tango Festival and bigger one-off events like these. Subscribers will get a discount to these events though. Please discuss with Winston and Silvia for details of the exact discount.

Please choose credit/debit card option when you buy a subscription product. Alternatively, if you choose bank transfer, please setup a standing order for your chosen date and confirm the same by emailing tango.amistoso@gmail.com. Thank you.

£40.00 / Month

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£100.00 / 3 Months

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£250.00 / 3 Months

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£300.00 / Year

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£750.00 / Year

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