Tango Technique Workshop with Veronica Toumanova (Paris)


In this workshop we will work on the technique that will help you create a relaxed, flexible, functional and above all comfortable embrace. We will work on various distances to your partner, but mostly on close embrace. The quality of the embrace is often the one thing we remember from dancing with somebody. It is also often the one thing we find most uncomfortable in the other person. Our own embrace is sometimes a source of discomfort as well. In this workshop we will learn how to embrace each other without tension, without hurting your arms, back and shoulders, and without hurting your partner.

The workshop will include:
– Warming up exercises to release unnecessary tension from the upper body and arms, and to reconnect to the floor
– Exercises to understand the connection between the floor, your posture and your embrace
– Exercises to understand the function of the arms in both open, half-open and close embrace
– Understanding how to get into close embrace and how to keep it alive
– Maintaining a comfortable close embrace while walking to the music
– Exercises to keep the embrace flexible while dancing ochos.

Checkout http://www.verotango.com/ for Veronica’s thoughts on Tango 🙂

Cost: £20
Tango Amistoso
24-27 White Lion St.
N1 9PD

The workshop will be followed by a practica which is FREE for the workshop participants.
Hope to see you there!