Tango is all about the connection with your partner and the connection you both have with the music. When it is fully improvised and danced in the moment, it is an immersive experience.

Dancing on stage comes with a different perspective though – it’s as much about the preparation and training as it is about the adrenaline rush and performing and inspiring an audience on the day. When you train on a 6 monthly cycle, it keeps your Tango technique and physical fitness in shape. It gives you a mental structure to continue working with your Tango and fitness. It teaches you how to work with a team. It teaches you about how you react when put under pressure. It gives you the time to analyse and break down your posture. It gives you the time to explore musicality in detail. This is what our group of students have done and we are back on stage at Saddler’s Wells on 8th December!

Please do come along and support us as we attempt to inspire a whole new bunch of people into Tango. There is a solid D’Arienzo song in the performance too.

You can buy your tickets here:


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