Back to freedom, back to Tango!

Hello friend of Tango Amistoso,

We’re on our way back to freedom in the UK!

Tango is going to be back like the good old times. The upcoming schedule and booking details for both Tango Amistoso and City Academy are in the text below. There are lots of interesting new announcements so please do read on 🙂

Saturdays and Sundays

First big news is we will have our popular Practicas on both Saturdays and Sundays going forward! It gives you more flexibility and also if you are crazy enough like us, why not do both the evenings 🙂

For the next few weeks, till the Government fully relaxes the restrictions, the evenings will simply consist of a fixed partner class starting from 7pm followed by a guided Practica till 9.30pm. You can book for them starting from now using the link below:

Once the Government restrictions are relaxed, we will move to our usual format for both the evenings – Advanced Level Classes at 6pm followed by Practica till 10.30pm. You can book the classes on a drop-in basis or for the whole term getting big discounts starting from now!

Details and Drop-In bookings are here:

Term-based booking  options are here:

Wednesdays and Thursdays

We will be teaching Beginners and Improvers classes as usual on Thursdays through City Academy. In addition, we will also be teaching a Beginners and an Intermediate Level Class on Wednesdays soon! Booking for Thursday classes are already available in the links below. Booking for Wednesdays will be available soon.


Our Friday Milonga, Los Amigos in South London will become a regular weekly event with us teaching the Beginners and Improvers classes before the Milonga from the first weekend of July. Details for booking for these will come soon, we are just waiting to make sure that the Government are on track to relax restrictions.


We are continuing to teach the online courses via City Academy for Beginners and Improvers on Monday evenings if any of you are not able to physically to make it to the classes. It is a great option if you have a partner or can find a partner nearby who can come and take the class with you. Booking details are here:

Choreography Group

That leaves us with one final announcement – we will be having our Tango Ball – Noche De Tango soon after it becomes feasible and sensible to do so. We will start the Choreography group for that soon. If you are interested in joining the group, rehearse and then perform during the ball, please do get in touch with either Winston or Silvia. You can checkout the video of the previous ball here:

Please help us get back on our feet!

Please help us spread the word by telling your friends who are not on Facebook regularly. We will be posting the booking links on Facebook groups after a few days when you have all had the chance to book your places first.

Looking for a Tango Partner?

If you are looking for a partner, use the Tango Partner Search feature in the Tango Amistoso App or simply contact Silvia 🙂

Hope to see you very soon for loads of hugs and laughter!

Best wishes,
Winston, Silvia and your friends at Tango Amistoso

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