A Festive month at Tango Amistoso!

A Festive month at Tango Amistoso!

Negracha is on Saturday this week:
Get ready for an exciting Tango session at Negracha this Saturday! This week we are dancing at Negracha on Saturday instead of Friday. We’re thrilled to present a special program featuring two special workshops with Demetrio Scafaria and Letizia Messina on Milonga and Giros, along with an exclusive workshop with Ivan Arandia and Laura Molina on Vals.To add to the excitement, coming from Paris, the exceptional Kira Makarova will be musically curating the night. And don’t miss the breathtaking show by Demetrio and Letizia at 9.30pm – arrive early to catch every beat!

Details of NEGRACHA are here. Check all the classes options and book your ticket now!


Demetrio Scafaria & Letizia Messina
We are very happy to host Demetrio Scafaria at Tango Amistoso with Letizia Messina for the first time! From a meeting in a local milonga of the city of Turin, they decide to start a professional journey together, letting themselves be carried away by the passion for improvisation, research and dynamics that has united them since the first embrace.Please read about the workshops here and book your spot in advance.


A very Festive December:
December is here, bringing with it the warmth of the holiday season! Embrace the festive spirit and join us for a month filled with joyous celebrations. Experience the coziness with a touch of cheer as we serve mulled wine during our weekend milongas.

Our delightful journey starts with a heartwarming Christmas dinner & drinks on Thursday evening at 8:30 pm at Claremont Project. Reserve your spot by RSVP-ing here:


Don’t forget to sign up for the Secret Santa Milonga on Saturday, December 16th! Register by Saturday, the 9th, giving you an entire week to prepare for your giftee’s surprise! Sign up here:


This week at Tango Amistoso!

The full weekly schedule is available in the link below.


For your quick reference, here is the breakdown of classes.


7.00pm on Wednesday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall
7.00pm on Friday – 10 Herbal Hill



8.15pm on Wednesday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall
8.15pm on Friday – 10 Herbal Hill

All improvers can come to the Beginner classes for free!



7.30pm on Wednesday – Be at One Bar, 10 Beak St
6.00pm on Saturday 10 Herbal Hill
7.15pm on Saturday – 10 Herbal Hill
6.00pm on Sunday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall



8.00pm on Tuesday – Dragon Hall
7.00pm on Saturday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall


Open Level:

7.00pm on Tuesday – Dragon Hall: Technique for Leaders & Followers
7.00pm on Thursday – Claremont Project, Upper Hall


Yoga will be back in January.


Milonga Central with TDJ Ivo Ambrosi
9.00pm – 1.00am on Wednesday – Be at One Bar, 10 Beak St


Milonga Negracha with TDJ Kira Makarova
8.30pm till late on Saturday – 10 Herbal Hill


Milonga Simpatica with TDJ Izem Ustun
7.30pm – 10.30pm on Sunday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall


All Milongas are included in the price of the classes on the day of the Milonga.

20+ classes every week!
Check all the weekly schedule

here: https://www.tango-amistoso.co.uk/weekly-schedule/

Great value subscription options
You are absolutely welcome to attend individual classes that suit you best, but if you would like to dance more than once a week, then consider the subscription options. They provide a lot of value but also will help you be part of the community and grow with us all. Details are here:


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