Beginners Crash Course

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Beginners Crash Course Beginners 29-Jun-2024 Saturday 13:00 - 16:00 Angel/Islington Upper Hall
Claremont Project, 24-27 White Lion St. Islington, London N1 9PD
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Dive into the passionate world of Tango with our condensed Beginners Crash Course, designed for those eager to learn but pressed for time. In just one afternoon, our expert instructors will cover the seven fundamental elements of Tango, typically spread over several weeks. This unique opportunity allows you to accelerate your learning in a focused, supportive environment.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Embrace & Walking: Master the art of the tango embrace and smooth walking techniques to move rhythmically with your partner.
  • Forward Ochos: Create fluid figure ‘8’ patterns with precise footwork.
  • Back Ochos: Enhance your balance and coordination with backward figure ‘8’ movements.
  • Media Luna: Learn curving steps that mimic a crescent moon for more complex sequences.
  • Ocho Cortado: Execute and abruptly change direction in this dynamic move.
  • Crosses: Perfect the art of smoothly crossing one foot over the other for fluid transitions.
  • Calesita: Pivot in place while your partner circles around you, simulating a graceful carousel.

Immerse yourself in Tango’s culture and passion while determining if this captivating dance is right for you. Join us for an unforgettable three-hour journey, from 1-4pm into the heart of Tango!