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What is Argentine Tango

Tango originated in Buenos Aires in the early 1900s. There are two very important aspects about Tango – the music and the connection with your partner. Majority of the traditional Tango music that we love now and dance to a lot was created before the 1950s. There is also modern Tango music called Tango Nuevo after that. The connection with your partner called the embrace or El Abrazo is a literally a beautiful soft hug adapted to dancing Tango. This is what makes Tango unique, elegant and gives the warm fuzzy feeling that stays with you forever.

About our Beginner’s Tango classes

Beginning to dance Argentine Tango is a fun and rewarding experience. Winston and Silvia teach Beginner’s courses at City Academy and also regular Drop-In classes on Saturdays (8pm to 9pm) at Tango Amistoso.

The course structure provides several advantages – it allows for a structured syllabus making sure that every course covers all the fundamental aspects of Tango so the student is ready and confident to move up to the next level. It also allows for a group of beginner students to learn Tango together at the same time and progress at a similar pace throughout the course.

For the Drop-In classes, we start from the basics and introduce a new concept every week for about 8 weeks and we start the cycle again.

You can book for the City Academy courses here:
City Academy Tango Beginner’s Courses

Course Syllabus

Some of the things you will learn in the Beginner’s classes are:

  • Embrace and walking
  • Forward Ochos and Back Ochos
  • Crosses
  • Ocho Cortado
  • Calesita
  • Musicality

We will also teach you the history behind Tango, how the social Tango scene works and all the practical tips that you would need to enjoy Tango.

Drop-in Tango Classes 

Usually, before the beginning of a Beginner’s course at City Academy, there will be a Tango Taster class that you can book as one-off to come and meet the teachers and also fellow students. You can directly take the full course without trying out the tasters too.

We also do drop-in classes every Saturday at Tango Amistoso between 8pm and 9pm followed by dancing with fellow students till 10.30pm. The drop-in cost is £10 which includes the social dancing till 10.30pm. You should book for the classes before coming. To book, please click on the Book Now button next to the appropriate month in the table below and you will be able to choose the dates in the next page.


S.NoMonthDay of WeekTime Price VenueTutorBooking
1July 2022Saturday8PM – 9PM£10Claremont Project, AngelWinston Veerender and Silvia BivolaruBook Now
2August 2022Saturday8PM – 9PM£10Claremont Project, AngelWinston Veerender and Silvia BivolaruBook Now
3September 2022Saturday8PM – 9PM£10Claremont Project, AngelWinston Veerender and Silvia BivolaruBook Now

Partner for the classes

You don’t need to bring a partner for the classes. We make sure that we rotate partners throughout the class and also take care of the balance of the class in terms of leaders and followers.

What to wear – clothes and shoes

To begin with, all you need to wear is your normal clothes where you are comfortable walking and shoes that don’t stick too much to the floor. This is true for both leaders and followers. Of course with time, you might want to invest in Tango shoes and Tango clothes. We will guide you through this, please feel free to ask us any questions in the classes.

Timetable of the classes

Our Beginner’s classes are usually on Wednesdays at 6.15pm, Thursdays at 7pm, Fridays at 7pm and Saturdays (Drop-In) at 8pm. The courses are usually 5 to 7 weeks long depending on how they fit into the terms. Towards the end of terms, it might take a little while for the full timetable to be updated. Please check the website again or feel free to send us a query.

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Location and Cost

Our Beginners courses at City Academy are usually conducted at 3 locations as mentioned above on Thursdays and Fridays.They are all beautiful spacious studios with mirrors and a great floor to dance in.

Please check the links in the section below for exact prices.

The regular Beginner’s drop-in classes at Tango Amistoso on Saturdays is at:

Claremont Project (Old Hall)
24-27 White Lion Street
Angel, Islington
N1 9PD

The drop-in classes are an hour long followed by social dancing with other students till 10.30pm. The cost is £10 for the class and the Practica included.

What next after the Beginner’s classes

After you complete your Beginner’s course or a set of about 10 drop-in classes, you can move up to the Improvers classes and from there to the Advanced Level Classes. If you are interested in performing Tango in front of an audience that includes your friends and family, you can join our performance group called “Tango Del Corazon”. Please feel free to discuss all the options with your teachers.

You can find the details of the Beginner’s courses and how to book for them here:
City Academy Tango Beginner’s Courses

You can find out about when the next one-off Taster classes are here:
City Academy Tango Taster Classes

You can also find more information about Tango in City Academy here:
City Academy Tango Classes


If you have any queries, please use the form in the get in touch page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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