What is Argentine Tango

Tango originated in Buenos Aires in the early 1900s. There are two very important aspects about Tango – the music and the connection with your partner. Majority of the traditional Tango music that we love now and dance to a lot was created before the 1950s. There is also modern Tango music called Tango Nuevo after that. The connection with your partner called the embrace or El Abrazo is a literally a beautiful soft hug adapted to dancing Tango. This is what makes Tango unique, elegant and gives the warm fuzzy feeling that stays with you forever.

The course structure provides several advantages – it allows for a structured syllabus making sure that every course covers all the fundamental aspects of Tango so the student is ready and confident to move up to the next level. It also allows for a group of beginner students to learn Tango together at the same time and progress at a similar pace throughout the course.For the Drop-In classes, we start from the basics and introduce a new concept every week for about 8 weeks and we start the cycle again.You can book for the classes here: