Winston Veerender‘s teaching style is based on mindfulness, body awareness, grounding, optimum alignment and playful musicality in Tango.

He has trained with some of the legends of Tango and has thousands of hours of experience in dancing in milongas around the world, including Buenos Aires. He has taught Tango in London since 2014 before founding Tango Amistoso and is a familiar face in the London Tango scene.

There needs to be a solid foundation and grounding to be able to have a soft embrace that helps with both dynamic and slow movements. Winston’s classes focus on building this foundation.

Winston is also a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher who has trained with the likes of Jason Crandel, Bridget Woods Kramer, Noah Maze and brings his knowledge of yoga alignment principles, grounding, body awareness and mindful movement to Tango. He is also the founder of Yoga4Tango, yoga classes designed to help Tango dancers with good posture, disassociation and mindfulness.

Silvia Bivolaru was born in Romania, where she began her tango journey. Silvia started doing athletics and ballroom in primary school, but decided to keep them as hobbies as she discovered her new passion drawing.

During her next years of studying arts, she kept dancing as a secondary activity but when she started with Tango she devoted herself into it. After falling in love with tango she has been spending even 6 hours a day studying and practicing.

Taking classes with multiple Argentinian teachers around Europe, she formed her own style of dancing and teaching, focusing on the energy of the body and the couple. She started assisting classes in her home town in Romania, and now she teaches  Group, Choreography and Private classes in London. During the last year she has been a guest teacher at Goa International Tango Weekender together with Carlo Semaan, and she performed at Iași Festivalito Verano V Tango Festival together with Winston Veerender.

Winston and Silvia have been teaching and performing together since 2017. Their classes are full of energy and fun. They like working with students individually in the class and tailor instructions specifically for each student to help with their progress.