Workshop Description

Laisa is among the best when it comes to describing the foundational technique behind Tango. In this workshop she will explain the details, give you solo and partner exercises and take you in-depth into walking and pivoting technique for the first hour. In the second hour, there will be lots of fun to be had with sequences involving sacadas. If you haven’t been to a Laisa class where she explains the concept of spirals, this is your chance, please make use of it.

You can either signup for the workshop with a partner or on your own. Please use the booking form below to let us know so we can balance numbers for the workshop.

Tango Amistoso Practica till 10.30 is free for all workshop participants and is included in the cost.

Date, cost and location

Date: Saturday, 13th April 2019
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Cost: £20
Location: Tango Amistoso
24-27 White Lion St.
N1 9PD

Booking form

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