Tomas Corbalan is an artist with extraordinary talent and he has had a big influence in the Tango journey of some of the top dancers in London and around the world. It is our pleasure to offer this unique Masterclass with Tomas. This class is not just about sequences, you will learn some really cool sequences but that is not the main point. It is about how you build up to it and Tomas has some unique and interesting perspective than can set you up in your Tango journey.

In his own words:

"Knowing things is one thing, but mastering things is another. That is the concept that we will be working on this master class. How important is it to master the fundamentals that will impact the whole dance? We will grow slowly but deeply, from basic to complex. In the end, it is not only what we do. it is also how we do it."

Please make use of this oppportunity and come and learn with Tomas and join his fun group of students.

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