Natasha Lewinger & Haris Mihail in London 2023

Natasha and Haris started dancing more than 15 years ago, and their paths finally met in the beggining of 2016. They are internationally recognized teachers and dancers known for their connection, elegance, musicality, dinamics and quality. They both love social dancing specially the milonguero style.

In their own words: “The most important thing in tango for us is the connection. We are crazy about technique but only as a medium to improve the connection and feelings that will allow us to adapt to every body and every style. We believe in dancing as one body with four legs, the centaur. Communication between us is the key for our tango. Listening to the leader is as important as listening to the follower.”

We are proud to have them in London and teaching the Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday classes at Tango Amistoso between 10 May and 18 June.

The cheapest way to attend the classes and be part of our community is to use one of the Subscription options. The subscription options not only cover classes by Natasha & Haris, but also include all the other weekly classes and Milongas! Check out the subscription options here:

Tuesday Classes
Tuesday classes are at the Advanced Level.
8pm to 9.30pm
*in addition to this class, there is a weekly one hour Follower’s Technique from 7pm to 8pm
*followed by half an hour practice from 9.30pm to 10pm
Location: Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley Street, WC2B 5LT

Wednesday classes
Wednesday classes are at the Intermediate Level.
8pm to 9.15pm
*followed by Milonga Central till midnight
Location: Be at One Bar, 10 Beak St, W1F 9RD

Saturday classes
Saturday classes are at the Advanced Level.
6pm to 7.30pm
*followed by Milonga Amistosa till 11pm
Location: 10 Herbal Hill, EC1R 5EG

Sunday classes
Sunday classes are at the Intermediate Level.
6pm to 7.30pm
*followed by Milonga Simpatica till 10.30pm
Location: 24-27 White Lion St, N1 9PD

Please attend the Advanced classes only if you already have good experience of Tango and have already understood the basics of embrace, musicality and basic Tango concepts. You can read the Level Guide and do a self assesment based on the criteria and requirements.

Private lessons
You can book private lessons directly with Natasha and Haris. You can book them in advance by messaging them now. If you need their contact details, simply email us at:

See you in the classes and thank you for your support.

Best wishes,
Winston, Silvia and Tango Amistoso team

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