Self Assessment and Level Guide

Dear friends, please try not to get upset with the stricter rules we are enforcing for moving up levels! We are doing this because we really want to encourage a “study” mindset as people move through the levels. Great embraces and great musicality do not happen just like that without significant investment of time. Please refer to the level guide in the link below and in that page there is a self assessment form that you have to fill in before you move up levels to either Intermediate or Advanced. It is not mandatory for Improvers but we encourage you to do it early so you know in advance what you are aiming for as you go through the Improvers level. We want all of you to have fun enjoying Tango but we can all agree that it is no fun dancing with someone with a painful embrace and/or keeps missing the important musical aspects of the song being danced to, hence the stricter enforcement of rules at the higher levels. When we have tried explaining this, some people have come up with some reasons on why they should be allowed to move up to the next level despite not satisfying our criteria. I have listed some of them below. Just want to make it clear that none of these are acceptable reasons, happy to explain to you why they are not acceptable reasons.

  1. I have danced Tango for “X” years.
    Our answer: We don’t count the years! It is good to stay at the correct Level for as long as it takes to master skills in any art form.
  2. There are people in the Intermediate/Advanced Level who are not as good as me.
    Our answer: Maybe but the discussion is not about them! Please leave the hardwork of sorting that out to us. We can assure you that we are not showing any partiality.
  3. This visiting teacher is only here for few more weeks and I would really like to learn from them.
    Our answer: Don’t worry, they will come back next year and if you are really keen, you can take some privates with them which will be catered specifically for you.
  4. The only times of the week when I can do Tango are when the Intermediate/Advanced Class is on.
    Our answer: We now have multiple options in the school for all levels at the same time while the Advanced classes are on and we will continue expanding them as much as we can.
  5. My best friend is in the next level up.
    Our answer: This should be a good reason for you to work harder and fast track your progress!
  6. I’m only here in London for a month.
    Our answer: we might relax the rules here for someone who is almost there but not for someone who has a long way to go yet.
  7. I’m here now anyway, can I just do this class and you can evaluate me now.
    Our answer: We are sorry but if you turn up to the higher levels without having got the approval, we would have to ask you to leave.


We will try and be as transparent as possible with this process. Unfortunately, none of this is going to be 100% objective but we do not intend to upset anyone. If anyone wants to move up a level, we will help you and support you in the process too. Please help and support us with these efforts by reading the guide and filling in the form. You can talk to us and ask us any questions. Thank you 🙏


Level Guide:

Self Assessment Form quick link:


People who are already in the Intermediate/Advanced Level, please read above and fill in the form ASAP. You can continue at the current level even if there are gaps as long as you commit to filling the gaps within the next few months. Thank you 🙏


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