Entry to higher level classes / Weekly news

Entry to higher level classes / Weekly news

First of all, thank you to all of you for the wishes, presents for our birthday celebrations last week with a special thanks to those of you who could make it in person. Thank you to all of you for being part of our community and making it what it is.

We want to explain to you how entry to our higher level classes work as there seems to be a fair amount of misunderstanding and apprehension about the process itself. We do have a strict set of entry criteria and a process for going to the higher level classes. We also understand that there are many of you who have been dancing for a while and are actually good dancers but may not meet all our entry criteria because you did not start with us as Beginners and so have not ticked all the boxes in the syllabus that was defined by us. If that is you, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or in person in the Milongas/classes. We will be more than happy to have a chat with you and work out a plan to get you into the higher levels as soon as possible. We really do want good quality dancers with experience to come to our higher level classes!

For those of you who want to progress faster/feel like you have enough dancing experience but may not have learnt all the basics we expect you to know before coming to the higher level classes, we hope to run some intensive workshops from next month that will cover all the syllabus that we expect people to know before coming to the higher levels. We are working out the structure of these workshops. We will publish these soon.

Murat and Setenay in London!
This weekend, we have a Turkish couple from Istanbul visiting us. You can find all the details of their workshops in this page. Do come along to the workshops. It is always nice to get different perspectives of Tango from different parts of the world to help us grow in Tango. Details and online booking are available here:


Veronica Toumanova is back in London!

Our own amazing Veronica Toumanova will be back in London with us next weekend. You can check the details and book online here:


Classes this week at Amistoso!
Tango World Champions Marcos Roberts and Louise Malucelli are continuing with their classes and there are 20+ classes in total for all levels. You can find the weekly schedule here, hope to see you in the classes!


Milongas this week!
This week at NEGRACHA on Friday, we will have the special class with Murat and Setenay and they will also be giving us a special performance! Please do come along. You can find the details and booking in the link below. If you want to book a table, please message Ivan directly or email us by replying back.


Apart from Negracha, we also have 3 other Milongas including the original Amistoso Milonga on Saturdays. Please do come along and check them out!

Wednesdays – Milonga Central


Saturdays – Milonga Amistosa


Sundays – Milonga Simpatica


20+ classes every week!
We now have 20+ classes across various locations and various levels in Central London. We have lots of new enthusiastic dancers coming through the classes and also good experienced dancers in the more advanced level classes. Choose the right level and come and join our beautiful vibrant community. We put a lot of focus on Embrace and Musicality in all the classes, come have fun! You can check the full weekly schedule here:


Great value subscription options
You are absolutely welcome to attend individual classes that suit you best but if you would like to dance more than once a week, then consider the subscription options. They provide a lot of value but also will help you be part of the community and grow with us all. Details are here:


See you soon for lots of hugs and beautiful Tandas! 💕

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