Negracha Late & Live music, Milonga & Vals course, and this week Tango Amistoso!

Negracha Late & Live music, Milonga & Vals course, and this week Tango Amistoso!

Milonga & Vals course
Ready for a thrilling start this Wednesday, January 10th? Our most popular 7-week course is back, promising loads of fun as you delve into the world of Milonga or Vals. At the end of the course, you’ll know how to structure your dance and enjoy a full tanda of Milonga or Vals. This course usually gets very busy, so we recommend booking in advance

Or if you want to get a good deal and save some money, get any Classes subscription that includes this course.

Friday at Negracha
Damian Foretic is back, gracing us with his bandoneon alongside Martin Espindola from Tango Terra on guitar. It’s a night of live music, perfect for dancing! Elena Butti will also be at the DJ table, musicalising the night. This week, we’re thrilled to host Demetrio Scafaria again, joining forces with Silvia Bivolaru to lead the Intermediate/Advanced Level class at 8.30 pm.

A heartfelt thank you for your incredible support and enthusiasm! Last week’s classes were buzzing, and the positive feedback about our new schedule and room arrangement was fantastic. With your ongoing support and the dedication of the Negracha Team, we are confident we are going to have an amazing year!

Introducing Negracha Late – a new concept for all night owls and dance enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to revive those late-night, high-quality dance sessions in London. Now, you can dance until 5AM and still catch the early morning trains. Arriving after midnight? It’s just £10 to join the party.

Details of NEGRACHA are here. Check all the classes options and book your ticket now!

Of course Fridays are “Free” Days for a friend if you have an active subscription. Please check the details here.

Milonga Amistosa
Join us for an amazing Saturday! Demetrio and Silvia will be leading the advanced level class after the Tango Unlimited session with Winston. We’re in for a beautiful evening as TDJ Juan Herrera takes over as the TDJ of the evening! Let’s give Juan a warm welcome and celebrate his move to London together!

Milonga Simpatica
Thank you for making last Sunday truly amazing! Despite the strike announcement, your enthusiastic turnout made our day.

After receiving some valuable feedback following our first Sunday with the new schedule, we’ve decided to tweak the lessons for a more focused experience: 45 minutes each for the musicality and technique classes, and a 1-hour 15-minute session for the intermediate level lesson. This adjustment allows us to delve deeper into each class and grants us more time to savor the milonga and practica experience.

Guess who’s back? Monique has returned from her energizing trip to India and she’s all set to restart her Yoga classes. Take a peek at the schedule and join her invigorating sessions whenever you’re available. Remember, all classes are included in any Classes subscription. Catch her in the studio on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, as well as Saturday mornings. Get ready to stretch, relax, and recharge with Monique!

This week at Tango Amistoso!

The full weekly schedule is available in the link below.

For your quick reference, here is the breakdown of classes.


7.00pm on Wednesday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall
7.00pm on Thursday – Claremont Project, Upper Hall
6.30pm on Friday – 10 Herbal Hill
8.00pm on Saturday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall


8.15pm on Wednesday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall
8.15pm on Thursday – Claremont Project, Upper Hall
7.30pm on Friday – 10 Herbal Hill

All improvers can come to the Beginner classes for free!


4.30pm on Saturday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall


7.30pm on Wednesday – Be at One, 10 Beak St
6.30pm on Sunday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall


8.30pm on Friday – 10 Herbal Hill


8.45pm on Tuesday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall
6.00pm on Saturday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall

Open Level:

5.00pm on Sunday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall: Musicality
5.45pm on Sunday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall: Technique for Leaders & Followers


6.30pm on Tuesday – Improvers at Claremont Project
7.30pm on Tuesday – Beginners at Claremont Project
6.15pm on Wednesday – Beginners at Claremont Project
9.30am on Saturday – Improvers at Pride Court (1st floor), 80-82 White Lion St


Milonga Central with TDJ Sean Teo
9.00pm – 1.00am on Wednesday – Be at One Bar, 10 Beak St

Milonga Negracha with TDJ Elena Butti & Live music with Damian Foretic and Martin Espindola
9.30pm – 5.00am on Friday – 10 Herbal Hill

Milonga Amistosa with TDJ Juan Herrera
7.30pm – 10.30pm on Saturday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall

Milonga Simpatica with TDJ Humphrey Yang
8.30pm – 10.30pm on Sunday – Claremont Project, Lower Hall

All Milongas are included in the price of the classes on the day of the Milonga.

20+ classes every week!
Check all the weekly schedule here:

Great value subscription options
You are absolutely welcome to attend individual classes that suit you best, but if you would like to dance more than once a week, then consider the subscription options. They provide a lot of value but also will help you be part of the community and grow with us all. Details are here:

See you soon for lots of hugs and beautiful Tandas! 💕

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