Your Tango Journey

Your Tango Journey

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We hope you enjoyed last week’s email, where we touched on the mental & physical health benefits of tango.

Let’s take a look at what your tango journey may look like as a part of the Tango Amistoso community!

At its foundation, your tango journey will be one of self-discovery. Through tango, you’ll learn about self-expression, how to extend your limits, open up new mind-body connections, forge new experiences of partnership, and discover intrinsic patterns of musicality. Tango can be a challenging dance; its technicality and fine detail require patience and mindfulness as well as enthusiasm. This means that your tango journey will be an especially rewarding one, boosting your confidence, while also introducing you to new worlds of expression.

Regular Group Classes:

Your journey will begin with tango classes – once, twice, three times, or even almost every night in a week, these regular classes are where you will learn tango’s basic steps and technique, while gradually becoming more familiar with tango music, and learning how to work with different dance partners. Over time, you’ll steadily move through class levels: from absolute beginners to improvers, intermediate, and advanced. One of the most beautiful things about tango is that there is always more to work on and learn.

Private Lessons:

As you progress through classes, you might choose a course of private lessons with your teachers, in order to identify particular areas of work and troubleshoot problems. Private classes allow you to learn faster, more efficiently, and intensively, as the learning process is tailored to your particular journey. It’s also a space where you can be free to experiment and bring your own ideas and agenda for developing on your tango journey.


Of course, tango is a social dance, and your journey won’t just be about classes. As you develop, you might start to attend informal practicas. Practica are relaxed sociable spaces where you can dance freely, and take time to practice what you’ve learned in class. Here, you might start to pick up tango’s social codes and interact with a wider pool of other dancers.


Once you’ve got used to a practica setting, you may be ready to try a milonga. Milongas vary in their mood – some are very chilled-out, and others are more formal and dressed up. Here you’ll dance in tandas of three or four songs, and get used to the codigos or codes of social tango, like the cabeceo, good floor craft, and respecting the ronda. Above all, milongas and practicas are social dancing spaces, so they also offer a great chance to hang out and get to know your fellow dancers better, off the floor.

Special Workshops With Visiting Teachers:

You’ll be able to attend specialist workshops with visiting guest teachers, who can share their insight and in-depth knowledge of tango with you. Working with these world-class dancers is an opportunity to absorb a variety of perspectives and share new experiences, helping you to develop your own personal style within tango.

Tango Trips:

Tango is an art form without limits: as you become comfortable dancing at your local milongas and understand many facets of technique and musicality, you can take your tango across the world, to whole weekends or weeks dancing at festivals and marathons, or even back to Buenos Aires – where it all began. There are differences between Festivals, Marathons, and visits to Tango cities, we will explain all of this in another article.

Enjoy your Tango journey whichever path you choose and here are useful links to relevant parts of the Tango journey within the Amistoso community.

Regular Group Class:

Private Lessons:

Milongas and Practicas:

*There is a Practica every Sunday in a separate room at Milonga Simpatica!

Tango Trips:

There are activities that form part of people’s Tango journies outside the ones listed above too – for example private practice, private Milongas, solo training, etc. Let us know by writing to if you did something that contributed in a big way in your Tango journey. We would love to hear from you. Keep hugging and keep moving and see you soon on the dance floor!

If you have any questions please reply to this email or let us know when suits you for a quick chat about all things tango. We’re here to support you on your dancing journey!

Warm regards,

Winston, Silvia, and everyone at Tango Amistoso

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