What is Tango Unlimited?

What is Tango Unlimited?

Tango Unlimited is Tango Amistoso’s own specialised class for exploring dancing and music outside the norms of traditional salon tango, pushing the boundaries of what tango can look and feel like. In these classes, we’ll draw on bold and exciting traditions established and developed by artists and dancers such as Chicho Frumboli, Gustavo Naveiro and Giselle Anne, and practiced by a stunning array of dancers today. Visiting Amistoso teachers have been a massive source of inspiration for our Tango Unlimited classes, including Tymoteusz Ley and Agnieszka Stach, Loukas Balokas and Georgia Priskou, Giorgos Nikou and Katerina Chatzipanteli, and Tomas Corbalan.

To give you an idea, here is a video of the demo from one of the Tango Unlimited classes:


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Tango Unlimited Classes are available for Intermediate and Advanced Level Dancers starting from Intermediate Level 1. Please check the level guide in the website if you are not sure about your level. Classes happen on Saturdays 4.30pm to 6pm. Please join this WhatsApp group chat if you are interested in joining.


The classes are included within the regular subscription options for Intermediate and Advanced Level. If you would like to do a drop in, you can book as usual using the website.


As part of Tango Unlimited classes, you’ll focus on less conventional or perhaps totally new tango movements, ranging from elastic colgadas and soltadas to dips and even aerial lifts, learning how to incorporate these into your dance as a fluid extension of more familiar tango steps. Tango Unlimited is all about improvisation, listening and connecting to your partner in order to achieve something spectacular together. And, by innovating and deconstructing tango fundamentals, you’ll actually deepen your understanding of the technical aspects of traditional tango figures, while also forging new ones.

In the Tango Unlimited classes, we’ll draw on more diverse musical traditions, dancing to songs you might not have heard before, or thought about dancing tango to, including modern electronic tango by orquestas such as Otros Aires, or experimenting with dancing to world music. Developing a musical response to new textures and rhythms will greatly enhance your musicality, and broaden your musical world immensely.

Tango Unlimited is all about breaking rules in order to create a tango that is spectacular and modern, while also deeply musical and connected. Come along every Saturday to discover how to elevate your tango to a new level.

Hope to see you in the classes!

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