There are some quick tips below. You can also take our full fledged online Tango Musicality course here.

Tango Musicality

Step 1:

  • Respect the beats
  • Respect the phrases
  • Appreciate that there are rhythmic bits and melodious bits in Tango
  • Dance a lot keeping the above points in mind

Even if you never take any of the Step 2 actions, the above will ensure that with time you will have developed very good musicality.

Step 2:

  • Listen to different Orchestras and create a feel for them in your mind and in your body. Checkout our Tango Playlists page by clicking here
  • Try playing with double time, syncopations, etc.
  • Watch the dancers you like in Milongas, Classes and online and see how they interpret the music.

Of course, you can also simply come to our classes and we will teach you all of this 🙂

The following articles are quite useful. It’s difficult to endorse everything someone says – I broadly agree with the points mentioned in the articles and they are definitely useful in kickstarting the journey in musicality.

The four levels of tango musicality

Listening to tango dance music – A beginner’s guide

Why musicality is hard to teach, but not impossible (this is an analytical piece by our own Veronica Toumonova)