I put together these Playlists originally for my students to learn about the different Tango artists and Orchestras. They can be used as a good starting point to learn about the differences between Orchestras. I have also organised them in tandas, so you could have your own local Practica / Milonga with your friends. If you are interested in Tango Musicality and want to start with the fundamentals or explore further, you can now take our online Tango Musicality lessons here.

Start with these 4 playlists first. Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Biagi and Pugliese are arguably the biggest legends of Tango who effectively defined the type of music in their era.

Di Sarli Tandas

D’Arienzo Tandas

Biagi Tandas

Pugliese Tandas

And then move on to these collection of Milonga and Vals Tandas from different Orchestras. For the benefit of Beginners to Tango, Tango music can be broadly classified into Tango, Milonga and Vals. Milonga and Vals Tandas tend to consist of only 3 songs rather than the usual 4 for Tango when played in a Milonga, the social place where you dance Tango.

Milonga Tandas

Vals Tandas

There are tandas of some more orchestras below. I hope to keep updating these Playlists, so do come back and check them out again soon.

Canaro Tandas

Troilo Tandas

Fresedo Tandas

Donato Tandas

Tanturi Tandas

Calo Tandas

Enrique Rodriguez Tandas

Angel D’Agostino Tandas

Lucio Demare Tandas

Orquesta Tipica Victor Tandas

De Caro Tandas

Hector Varela Tandas

Francisco Lomuto Tandas

Fulvio Salamanca Tandas

Pedro Laurenz Tandas

Donato Racciatti Tandas

Domingo Federico Tandas