Course on Volcadas and Colgadas – Out of Axis

We are close to the end of an eventful year. We have our last mid week course coming up soon. The topic is “Out of Axis – Volcadas and Colgadas”. It is going to be a fun 6 weeks with a class every Thursday evening. We will learn solid foundations for the embrace and use that foundation to go out of Axis.

You can book for the course in the link below. Please choose the course starting on 4 Nov.

If you cannot do the whole course, please talk to the teachers about possible options or email

To learn more about the midweek courses and the 7 themes we have for those courses, you can check out this link:

We will publish the dates for when the courses are starting in the New Year soon. Thank you for your support during this year and look forward to seeing you in the last course!

Best wishes,
Winston, Silvia and Tango Amistoso team

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