Dynamic style dancing Vs Lyrical and slow

This is a course that is very close to my heart. Most of you know that I love dancing in a dynamic way to D’Arienzo, the King of beats. We will look at the technique needed to dance fast and furious to D’Arienzo in this course. More importantly, we will also learn how to differentiate between Staccato and Legato phrases. We will learn to flow smoothly to the beautiful lyrical music of D’Sarli, the King of Tango. We will do all of this by learning to have a nice soft embrace and good walking technique. Of course you will learn lots of cool sequences and adornments but this course has a lot more than that. Hope you can join us. The course starts on Wednesday, 6 October and runs for 7 weeks with classes every Wednesday. If you can’t do all the classes, you can compensate for the classes. Discuss it with us during your classes.

To book for the course, go to the link here, go to the timetable section and book the course starting on 6 October.


Hope to see you in the classes!

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